A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Guide You Through a DUI

A qualified criminal defense attorney can be a great resource in defending charges of driving under the influence. Even with one the repercussions can be stiff so why risk it?

No one goes out for a night on the town planning to be arrested for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, sometimes that is how the evening ends and in some instances that leads to being pulled over and charged with drinking and driving. The thought of going to court, facing significant fines and potentially losing the right to is just the beginning of the potential trouble. Some think that these issues are not very serious and will opt not to spend money on a criminal defense attorney. That is a bad decision. The benefits of having a good lawyer are more than worth the minor amount of money that it is necessary to pay to have him.

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To begin with in many states and cities the penalty for DUI is not just a hefty fine but jail time also. On top of that there is almost always court imposed treatment and alcohol counseling. A criminal defense attorney will work hard to avoid jail time for his client and in some instances can decrease fines. This is no small matter when one realizes that the fine for a DUI is close to $5,000 and jail time for a first offense is anywhere from 90 to 180 days. That is just for a first time offender. Subsequent violations of the law lead to exponentially worse punishments and often even more serious repercussions. On top of the fines there are court fees and treatment costs and soon the hourly rate and retainer of a lawyer seem to be looking better and better.

For some who are confident in their ability to avoid jail and reduce their fines the worst part is that most states mandate that an offender’s driver’s license must be suspended. That is not even just for convictions. Most of these jurisdictions have implemented a zero tolerance policy that means that anyone who blows over the legal limit loses their license for up to and including six months. Being able to drive is not a luxury but a necessity to a lot of people. Having to go without is not an option and so now the repercussions are going to begin being felt in personal lives when they have to start altering their life to fit their punishment.

Not every criminal defense attorney is going to be able to get every client out of all of the trouble they have gotten themselves into. The fact is that a person who is charged with driving under the influence should not take the matter lightly. It can have lasting and devastating effects that will leave ripples throughout life. In order to get the best result and to ensure the best outcome it is necessary to find a criminal defense attorney that is skilled in this type of charge and retain their services for the duration of the process. 

DUI Lawyer Defends Innocent Drivers

DUI lawyer are entitled to fight hard for justice for those clients wrongly charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Everyone deserves a fair chance when these situations arise.

     Today, there are so many different penalties for incorrect driving habits that it can be confusing. Whether a person runs a stop sign or red light, speeds, or does some other bad deed, there are indeed a slew of consequences that might occur. It’s true that driving is serious business. Simple mistakes on the road can cost a person their life or health. This is why the laws are so tight. One act that is very much punishable is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving after consuming these substances is very dangerous and generally discouraged. But sometimes drivers are wrongly accused of this act. When this happens, a good DUI lawyer can get the clients out of hot water and back to their normal lives.

     Attorneys exist for the pure and simple reason of helping others navigate the legal system. Just because people are accused of wrong acts does not mean they are always guilty. Just as everyday citizens make mistakes, police officers make mistakes in determining a person’s motives and actions. Attorneys exist to help those who are wrongly accused to have a fair chance at justice. Fairness is important in every aspect of life. Let’s imagine a quick scenario. If a driver is pulled over for swerving while driving, an officer might automatically assume that the driver is either under the influence or intoxicated. However, the driver may not have had any alcohol or drugs whatsoever and the alleged swerving may have been just a figment of the officer’s imagination. Still the driver may be charged for driving under the influence. This is clearly not fair. The point is that a person should not just let things slide and be wrongly punished. During this time, the driver should speak up and work towards justice. A DUI lawyer can do just that!

     Being arrested is no fun at all. This type of event will forever be on a person’s record. It can ruin one’s reputation, self-esteem, and future opportunities for growth and prosperity. When an innocent person is charged with a crime, it is simply devastating. While there are many people who drive under the influence and think nothing of it, there are still many others who strive to do the right thing and make the roads safe for themselves as well as others. Still, sometimes misunderstandings and strange situations occur that lead to a person being charged with driving under the influence. Fairness is fairness. A DUI lawyer can offer the right defense against these charges and get a person back to the freedom they deserve.

     There are many instances where innocent people are made to look like the bad guy. Within this process the person may be required to shell out a lot of money for fines and other consequences that they do not deserve. This should be fought when necessary. If a client cannot stand up for him or herself, a DUI lawyer can definitely do the trick and get the person justice. An attorney will work hard to thoroughly fight for everyone’s rights.

About DUI Lawyer and What You Need To Know

If you’re facing charges for driving under the influence, you may need to get a good DUI lawyer on your side. While it’s not always going to be feasible to fight the charges, that’s not the only reason to have an attorney by your side. He may be able to look at the facts of the case and argue that you shouldn’t be facing the maximum penalties. Considering that charges of this nature can mean the loss of your license, extremely high fines, and even jail time, finding lesser penalties is certainly worth your while. Here are some things you need to know when looking for an attorney to represent you.

Bring Your Details

A DUI lawyer will need the specific details of your case to know how to proceed. It could be that he won’t be able to take on your case for one reason or another, or knows someone who would be better suited to your situation. It could be that one detail will jump out at him and he’ll know that he will have to act fast to get something done. Whatever the case, don’t hold back, even in your initial consultation. You are protected by attorney-client privilege from the moment you start talking so you have no legitimate reason to hold anything back.

Courtroom Procedure

If you’ve never been to court before, you are probably nervous about making your first appearance. Let your DUI lawyer guide you. You need someone with plenty of courtroom experience. The last thing you want is an attorney for whom this will be his first trip into the hallowed halls of justice as well. The more experience he brings to the table, the better off you’ll both be.


It’s not as important as experience, but it doesn’t hurt to check where your Dui Attorney Sarasota got his degree, where he has practiced, and so forth. You are going to open up quite a bit about your background. You’ll need to, in order to help your attorney craft a successful defense. It’s only right that he do the same when you’re deciding whether or not to hire him. If you sense that an attorney is trying to obscure his own past, you may want to consider going with someone a bit more open about his background.

The Outcome

If a DUI lawyer starts making promises about a particular outcome, you should consider that a warning flag. No attorney, no matter how experienced, can make such a claim. They can certainly give you their best guess, based on their experience, but they cannot guarantee an outcome. Don’t be fooled by false promises.

A DUI Defense Lawyer Dispels Drunk Driving Myths

If you hire a DUI defense lawyer, you will find many of the things you believe about drunk driving convictions are simply not true. These common myths are easily dispelled with the right professional.  Drunk driving is such a common crime, you likely know at least one if not more people who have been accused of it. If you spend any time talking to a DUI defense lawyer, you will quickly learn that there are several myths surrounding this crime. If you have been accused, understanding these myths will help you understand why you need to seek legal counsel when facing this accusation.

Myth 1: Most People Are Guilty

Some people do not seek the services of a DUI Defense Lawyer because they assume that most people are guilty, so if they are charged, there is little hope of having the charges dropped, even in court. Even if the accused individual knows that he or she is innocent, they may opt to just pay the fine and take the penalties rather than fighting the charge because of the assumption that the courts will charge them regardless of what they do.

The truth is, however, that most charges are made based on a breath analysis performed by the police at the scene. However, often this is not followed up with a blood test. This can make the evidence shaky, because breath tests can be inaccurate or inaccurately read. An attorney who understands how the machines work can easily get the results from one dismissed as poor evidence of drunkenness.

Myth 2: It Doesn’t Matter What Attorney I Use

If you have been accused of drunk driving, you need the skills of a DUI defense lawyer. While any attorney has the legal right to represent you, each is a specialist in a specific area of the law. Because this is considered a criminal offense, you need the right attorney, and the right one is one that has specifically studied drunk driving laws. This will ensure that the attorney knows exactly how to prepare your defense to be the most beneficial possible for you. It will also ensure that the attorney truly knows the laws surrounding drunk driving in your area.

Myth 3: It Is Impossible

Many people think that drunk driving arrests always lead to a conviction, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have strong representation from a DUI defense lawyer who knows his stuff, you can likely get it thrown out on a technicality. This is particularly true if you live in an area where jury trials are available. In these areas, only around 20 to 30 percent of all arrests lead to a conviction. The number is quite higher in areas that do not offer the jury trial.

Myth 4: It Doesn’t Really Matter
Drunk driving charges may not seem like they matter much, particularly if you are facing your first one and the consequences are somewhat minor. But, this again is not true. Any DUI defense attorney will tell you that drunk driving is a very serious conviction. In many areas it is considered a criminal act, and the fines for this conviction are going up all over the country. Also, it can lead to jail time and almost always gives you a criminal record. This can make it more difficult to find a job in the future, among other consequences. You are far better off trying to fight it than ignoring it.

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A DUI Attorney: Finding The Best One For You

dui lawyer

If you’ve been accused of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, you will require a good DUI attorney to represent you and help with your defense. 

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, you’ll need a good DUI attorney to stand by your side and help with your defense. Even if you plan on pleading out your case, you will almost certainly get a better result if you have a good lawyer helping your through the process. But even if you are entirely innocent of the charges, you must never think about representing yourself in court. While having the public defender try your case isn’t the ideal by any means, it is still a far better choice than going in without any representation at all. Still, there are much better choices out there. Here’s how to find them.

Before you get started on your search for a DUI attorney, there are some things you should keep in mind. It’s easy to become intimidated when you’re looking down the barrel at a determined prosecution, hostile police force, and a society that looks down on drunk driving. But you still have rights. One of those rights is the presumption of innocence. This means that any jury or judge must give you that presumption until the prosecution has proven their case or you have pled guilty. Another thing you must remember is that even if you are guilty of the charges, that doesn’t mean the police acted properly as they pulled you over and arrested you. If there can be shown to be a breakdown of your rights along the way, the charges may be invalid. 

If you pop open the phone book, it won’t take long to realize that you have an enormous range of choice when it comes to hiring a lawyer. These choices will take many forms. The public defender, the dedicated DUI attorney, the general practitioner, and discount practitioners. Without question, you’re looking for someone who is dedicated to the type of case you’re involved in. They will have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to see you through the case. Avoid the discount practitioners if you can. You may not get results any better with one of these than you would if you had represented yourself. Take the public defender if you must, but if you can scrape together the money, it’s far preferable to find someone who can really make a difference.

While you should find a good Dui Attorney Tampa FL as soon as you can, this doesn’t mean you should rush through the process. Meet with a few different lawyers, have a consultation (which will usually be free of charge), and make your decision with a clear head. It could be the most important one you make when it comes to preserving your rights and your freedom. Thousands of people, every year suffer. Just because someone did what should not be done in any case. It may be possible that you are doing it for quite sometime and nobody’s getting hurt. You are taking pride in it. You are never being caught too. But this may not remain always. Someday if someone get hurt just because of you will never be able to forgive yourself and most of all think about the family you have destroyed, you have made to suffer. These things never get unnoticed and you will have to suffer too you have committed it.