If you are planning to hire a magician to provide magic tricks for a corporate event, you should be aware of several things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Firstly, a magician should be easy to get along with – make sure you’re comfortable talking to them on the phone. A confident and personable magician will likely impress your guests. A good magician can take over the event and leave guests talking about it for weeks.

For the perfect event, you should look for a magician that can perform close-up magic for guests. This kind of magic is perfect for the drinks reception and can move from table to table throughout the evening. Moreover, the audience will be spellbound by his enthralling illusions. The magician’s rates depend on the location of the event, the duration of the show and the travel time required. Typically, he requires an hour of service for every fifty attendees.

Hiring a magician for a corporate event is one of the best ways to show off the creative culture of the company. These entertainers can liven up boring meetings and presentations, and can also add an extra touch to the party atmosphere. Corporate magicians can provide a number of services, from a live show to an immersive presentation. It’s also a great idea for corporate event planners to consider hiring a magician for such a special event.

Another great benefit of hiring a magician for a corporate event is that he can cater his magic tricks to the theme of the party. A good magician will be aware of the type of corporate event that you’re planning and do appropriate research. He can even work within the theme of the party to deliver a special magic show for your guests. This will help your event run smoothly. Also, a magician can entertain employees and guests alike.

Moreover, a corporate magician can help your company achieve its commercial goals while promoting organizational change. He can even improve collaboration between employees across the company. It is true that average corporate events don’t get everyone jumping for joy, but hiring a magician for such an occasion will ensure everyone has a great time. And, what’s more, he won’t bore your audience! This will help create the perfect environment for networking and conversation.

Incorporating a magician into your company’s marketing strategy is a smart move. It will add a lively atmosphere at your event, encourage more people to attend, and improve your company’s image. And who doesn’t love free publicity? The right corporate magician will not only entertain your guests but also promote your brand name and image. If your company is interested in hiring a magician for your corporate event, check out the services offered by professional companies.

Another important factor to consider before hiring a magician for your corporate event is the type of show you want to book. A stage show can last an hour or more, but you can hire a close-up show that lasts 10 minutes. The number of guests at the show depends on the size and layout of the venue. For close-up shows, the magician will spend about 10 minutes at each table. A close-up show will be shorter, but you’ll need to set aside time for this.

For smaller groups, you can opt for an intimate parlor show that captivates your audience with baffling mysteries. Spencer is a trusted name among top companies in the Bay Area and is an award-winning magician. If you want to ensure your corporate event is memorable, make sure to hire a magician with years of experience. You’ll be glad you did! If you’re planning a corporate event, a magic show can be a perfect way to boost productivity.

A corporate magician can provide close-up magic or stage shows for your next event. The latter is perfect for smaller crowds, and the former is ideal for larger groups. Experienced magicians can tailor their show to accommodate the environment at any event, whether the event is a cocktail party, a corporate luncheon, or an outdoor festival. They will ensure that your guests have an amazing time. They’ll also have a great time mingling with your company!